Italian stadium - Danny Last

What I do

I’ve been taking photos in football grounds around the world for the past 20 years, working for a variety of clients. Here’s a selection of what I’ve done and could do for you:

Editorial photography and video

Official club social media

  • Collaborated with Dundee Utd on Instagram for their home match with Ayr Utd (increased average likes from 500 to 2,700)

Commissioned content

  • The Tour, a three-way collaboration between myself, COPA90 and FotMob: travelled around Europe providing content from 25 matches in 31 days, across 21 cities and over 3,000 miles
    • 1,606,732 engagements
    • 16,624,987 impressions across Instagram and TikTok
  • Provided photos and videos as a complement to Football Ramble‘s At The Match podcast
  • Six pages for words and photographs for each edition of Staantribune magazine